Let's dance

Let's take the dance floor,
set the beat at our time.
Don't tell me I'm selfish
if I want you for me
because, you know? our bodies
deserve something like this.

Let's forget about time,
about future and past.
No excuses, no regrets.
Tonight can be our night
as we let our kisses dance,
as we let our hearts decide.

So let's gonna drink
till we forget our names.
I'll make you see
and feel this is our space.

At the moment our eyes meet
let's dance like if it was
the first time, or the last.
I know you're thirsty, so come,
drink from the dew of my lips
the nectar of eternity.
Some people call it love, dear,
you can name it as you want,
but let's dance till crack of dawn.
yeah, let's dance till crack of dawn.

Our faces uncovered,
our secrets revealed.
Time can be recovered
for just you and me.

Samuel Álvarez Conejos

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Avante, no te quedes expectante o indeciso,
que lo que no escribas hoy se quedará en el olvido...

Gracias por ser parte de este blog.

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