A love like this

Here I am, thinking of you, like usually...
but today this feeling is stronger;
memories pull my heart to You
and I can't wait any longer.
Waiting time is running out
so my heart beats faster and faster,
I can be dreaming of you
when overnight I light a candle.
And I imagine everyday
the moment when we'll meet,
the embracing of our bodies,
the shock of what we'll feel.
And when the day comes,
when we see each other,
I will let my heart be free
and love will flow to my lover;
my eyes will shine in your look
and I will hold your hands again,
and when I hear your first words
I'll know it was worth to wait...
And my mind will start to imagine
that my lips steals you a tender kiss,
and that's the moment I will think:
I never found a love like this.

Samuel Álvarez Conejos

The wait

I'm going through the wait I never thought I would have,
like since winter to autumn, which goes to winter again.
I'm looking for the easier way, but I can only find fog,
I should fly over the wind, leaving back the past, if I could...
But every step I do reminds me your voice inside me,
stirring up all my thoughts until I appear in the moon,
making me dependent to the moments we still have to live,
then it's when my blindness only lets me think of you.

I wanna be a bird's song for you can hear me everyday,
and I wanna be a dream to stay all night in your mind.
I need to feel you now and here, from my inside,
I feel I'm dying without those sweet words around me.
Why fate has to be so cruel, making us being far away?
I hurt my heart which is drowning in this infinite sea of love,
I grieve my soul when it feels far from his soulmate;
needs to feel wrapped by you, amid this eternal cold.

Hope encourages me to look to the sky, time after time,
to find the melodies which are born in our hearts,
they will bring me to a new place, far away from the pain,
and I'll remember everyday that future is in our hands.

Samuel Álvarez Conejos
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