Our place is together

The way you show me you love me
inspires me to write you these verses
which are born in the deepest of my heart
to answer the love of our caresses.
It was in you where I found more
than what I was ever looking for,
Our lives were made to coexist together,
to love each other and love our Lord.
He will always show us the way
where we'll find our biggest happiness,
that's beside you, not other place,
and the way is trust and forgiveness.
You are the only one with who I wanna build
the castle of illusions where I save my dreams,
I know together we'll find the key to live
on a wonderful life where we are complete.
Because everyday I spend with You
is like refreshing water from the rain,
and my love grows, and this is true,
I would share my life with You, again.

Samuel Álvarez Conejos

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Avante, no te quedes expectante o indeciso,
que lo que no escribas hoy se quedará en el olvido...

Gracias por ser parte de este blog.

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