When rain's coming

Write me when rain's coming,
so it will be one of those times
I feel your voice through the drops
around me, inside me...
You and me, you with me,
we have some special sound,
I can hear it when we're together,
I can feel it will be forever.
Time besides you ran fast, babe,
but now I'm on the desert.
I thought we could take it easy
but my soul is crying as never.
You are all I always dreamt, and
I can't understand why now we must wait,
but I know it will make us stronger,
in time we will be unbreakable lovers.
You will take all of me
and I'll embrace you all the night
like in our first time,
like in our first time...
And I know I still mustn't talk about love,
but may be is felt on these verses,
that's because feelings are not mute
so they make themselves to know,
to know to who can feel them.
In time, bit to bit, they will be stronger,
deep and sincere like we never knew.
In time, bit to bit, everything will be easier,
trust will make of us inseparable.

Samuel Álvarez Conejos

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