A love like this

Here I am, thinking of you, like usually...
but today this feeling is stronger;
memories pull my heart to You
and I can't wait any longer.
Waiting time is running out
so my heart beats faster and faster,
I can be dreaming of you
when overnight I light a candle.
And I imagine everyday
the moment when we'll meet,
the embracing of our bodies,
the shock of what we'll feel.
And when the day comes,
when we see each other,
I will let my heart be free
and love will flow to my lover;
my eyes will shine in your look
and I will hold your hands again,
and when I hear your first words
I'll know it was worth to wait...
And my mind will start to imagine
that my lips steals you a tender kiss,
and that's the moment I will think:
I never found a love like this.

Samuel Álvarez Conejos

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